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1. Neck blanks

Neck blanks for E-guitar and E-bass are pre selected from plain up to very well flamed. We cannot always guarantee an immediate delivery, because it is a seasonal manufactured product. Furthermore, we can offer mahogany, ovangkol, padouk and ash on demand. All material is carefully dried and you can directly start to process.

E-guitar blank: approx. 700 x 110 x 25.4 or 32 mm

E-bass blank: approx. 900 x 120 x 25.4 or 32 mm

Special sizes on demand.

2. Body blanks

You have the choice between European Alder, European Ash, European Maple, Mahogany, Swamp Ash, Pine and other timber. All blanks are well dried, glued and planed to thickness. We cannot guarantee the immediate delivery at all time!
The basic items are of 2- or 3- pieces. One piece Body blanks are rare and only stored in small quantities.

E-guitar Body blank: approx. 520 x 360 x 45 mm planed

E-bass Body blank: approx. 550 x 380 x 42 mm planed

Special sizes for flying V, explorer... and other kind of timber – please contact us.

3. Partly finished necks

E- Guitar, as well as E-bass necks (both bass types – with short or long scale), are offered in x-pieces maple or mahogany. Each neck includes one of our patented aluminium truss rods, which is included into the price. The neck blanks enables you a kind of „individuality" with reference to the saddle width, thickness and shape. It is possible to adjust the truss rod at the head or at the end.

Type A: angled head panel. Necks are not fitted, because they are out of one piece.

 Type B: flat head, partly glued out of a few pieces.

We are able to serve you blanks of replacement necks for E-guitar, which we produce exactly according to American standards, in combinations of maple/maple, maple/rosewood and maple/ebony. These blanks are offered with an already glued fingerboard, an installed truss rod and a raw milled neck profile in D-Shape or as semi finished fretted, unpainted neck.

Our necks are furnished with 21 frets, 9.5´ fingerboard radius and 8.5/10 mm holes for machine head. The screw for the truss rod is fixed at the end of the neck / vintage or at the head / modern style.
Higher qualities such as flamed or birds eye maple, paddle head, 21 frets are manufactured only in small quantities which leads to long delivery times.
We can deliver our replacements for the necks for the E-bass, which are made of one piece (maple/maple) or with fingerboard (maple/rosewood, maple/ebony).

The blank is pre milled to US standards with flat paddle head, neck profile and raw D-shape.

The finished neck is polished, freeted and unvarnished (bone nut added).

The extra charges for flamed or birds eye maple, high-grade woods like mahogany, ovangkol, padouk or bubinga as well as any specials are included in our price list.

4. Lam Tops

Our Lam Tops for Les Paul are cut down 25 mm and orderable in plain, middle, good and very good flamed maple. It is possible to use glued guitar backs with a thickness of 3 mm as cover for body. Please do not hesitate to ask for the prices and delivery time.

5. Aluminium truss rods

We provide aluminium truss rods (8 x 8 mm) for E-guitar and E-bass (short & long), as well as the associated Allen keys and nuts out of brass or iron.

6. Fingerboards for E-Guitar and E-Bass

Fingerboards for E-guitar and E-bass are available in rosewood, ebony, maple, walnut and wenge. These woods are dried and sorted. Our import selection is only available for larger quantities. The quality levels are A, B or C. The woods are undried and uncouth raw state. More details referring to prices, sales and special dimensions are listed in our product catalog (please klick here).

7. E-Guitar bodies

The manufacturing of our E-guitar bodies complies with American standard sizes and on chosen, dried wood. Depending on output, they are glued and sanded 1-, 2- or 3-piece. Please understand that the one pieced bodes are not always in stock and only rarely deliverable. This restriction does not count for the standard, universal and telebodies, made of two pieced bodies (available in alder, ash, mahogany and swamp ash), and for the three pieced bodies (available in alder or ash).

8. Bodies for Jazz & Precision E-Bass

These bodies are made according to the guitar bodies and made from the same woods. Please notice that the restrictions for the one pieced bodies here are similar to the restrictions of E-guitar bodies.


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